14/06/2013 - Políticos mudam estratégia em vez de fechar ponte fecham posto fiscal por cinco horas

Alguns comerciantes, vereadores e secretários do prefeito de Aragarças-GO Aurélio Mendes mudaram a estratégia e em vez de fechar a ponte que liga Mato Grosso e Goiás, eles fecharam por cinco horas a entrada do posto fiscal de Pontal do Araguaia, apontado como responsável pelo estrangulamento do trânsito na divisa dos dois estados. 

O protesto surtiu efeito porque o estado teve que se mobilizar para colocar barreira volante da Secretaria de Fazenda (Sefaz) em Barra do Garças e ganhou a simpatia de quem precisa passar pela ponte. “Essa decisão foi mais acertada e vamos continuar com a mobilização”, destacou o vereador Comandante Barbosa (PSD). 

Essa é a terceira vez manifestação organizada por Aragarças reivindicando que Mato Grosso retire logo o posto fiscal de Pontal como fez Goiás há dois anos. Na primeira manifestação o tiro saiu pela culatra. Isso porque as pessoas não foram avisadas e foram impedidas de ir e vir pela ponte e muitas choraram. Na quarta-feira da semana passada, houve nova interdição, mas desta vez as pessoas se programaram e não houve tanto transtorno. 

O vereador de Aragarças, Dulcindo Figueiredo ‘Duda’, ressaltou que o movimento está ganhando força e visibilidade junto as autoridades prova disso a preocupação da Sefaz em colocar equipes volantes em Barra para não perder com a arrecadação do fisco. “Se eles podem colocar barreira volante na Barra então eles podem tirar o posto fiscal de Pontal. O que não podemos é ficar refém desta situação por mais tempo”, frisou. 

A vereadora de Pontal, Antônia Parreira (PT), disse que o seu município também concorda com a manifestação porque os motoristas sofrem para entrar e sair de Pontal por causa do acumulo de carretas. 

O responsável pela fiscalização da Sefaz em Pontal, Dr. Vilson, disse que asfalto para os novos postos fiscais deve ser licitado e construído até julho. “Nós acreditamos que vamos mudar no início de agosto”, completou, porém o chefe da fiscalização acredita que o problema de trânsito ainda persistirá pelo número de veículos que existe entre as três cidades. 
A saída seria a construção do contorno viário para desviar as carretas e uma ponte de Pontal para Barra na avenida Independência que ajuda a desafogar o trânsito na região. 

A próxima manifestação será na próxima quarta-feira e a tendência é que novamente o posto fiscal de Pontal seja fechado por cinco horas.


De Barra do Garças - Ronaldo Couto


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The Predator is the ultimate misogynist vagina dentata monster, an advanced alien hunter with unstoppable technology, a pathological need to kill, and, hidden beneath its armor, a screaming, fang-filled vagina mouth that mocks you with the sound of your own laughter and curse words. Look at the original Predator film: the manliest men in the history of all time, plus Hawkins, with massive guns in a hot, steamy jungle. It's sweat and muscles and massive barrels on the hunt. But the thing they're hunting is also hunting them, watching them as they fumble about through the woods chasing their own tails, learning about them, playing with them until it decides to make its own move and start picking them off one at a time. The entire movie is an "alpha male's" skewed perspective on dating -- women on the prowl, using and abusing men who, despite all their power, still fall victim to the sly and subtle cruelty of the pussy. And that's all it is, it just has a vagina face. There's nothing else feminine about it because the entire female has been reduced to one body part that now has teeth in it. Ethan Miller-Getty Images Entertainment-Getty ImagesFap . . . fap . . . fap . . . fapAt the very end, the most dominant of males must face off directly with the beast, look it in its true face, and finally use his own cunning, fighting subtlety and subterfuge with subtlety and subterfuge, to destroy it. And the final showdown has the hero staring in bewilderment, asking, "What the fuck are you?" because he can't even figure out what the thing he's been after for so long is or what to do with it. And how does it respond? Derisive mockery, followed by an over-the-top explosion. It is the irrational woman making fun of him and then going ballistic. You may think I'm really reaching here, but so many scenes parallel this hunter-prey sexual relationship, it's uncanny. Consider Mac firing blindly into the woods as he's joined by the rest of the group -- a whole platoon of men shooting their weapons off aimlessly, being led by their dicks, if you will. And when the creature finally does bleed, who notices? The woman. If it bleeds, we can kill it -- its blood is a sign of weakness now. How this movie hasn't caused a feminist film critic to explode is beyond me. [url=https://www.newbalancesskor.com/]timber land men[/url] byLogia19. [url=https://www.newbalancesskor.com/]timber land men[/url] 4. The Dalai LamaOli Scarff-Getty Images News-Getty ImagesIn the simplest terms, for people who are as ignorant as I am of the world outside their front door, the Dalai Lama is the pope of Buddhists. He gets to be reincarnated too, so that's pretty badass. The current Dalai Lama is the 14th one, and all things being equal, he seems like a really decent guy. Not only is he the leader of Tibetan Buddhists and a guy who seems happy to share the faith with everyone, but he also uses his position to travel the world and speak on topics as diverse as women's rights, economics, sexuality, animal welfare, and all kinds of others that he approaches with a pretty liberal outlook. For instance, even as a monk, he's not opposed to homosexuality and believes everyone has a right to tolerance and understanding. That's some modern-day thinking right there for a guy who's been reincarnated for over 1,000 years. Noriko Brewster-iStock-Getty Images"Salutations, I'm as old as shit. Indubitably. "Born as a monk and identified as the Lama when he was still a child, the Dalai Lama does all his good works having never had a drink or sex, which, I have to be honest, blows my mind. I can't imagine having the willpower to do good works without at least the ability to rub one out every so often, but hey, there's a reason I'm not the spiritual leader of millions. So he does all this forward thinking with that kind of shit weighing him down each and every day, not to mention how China has been kind of oppressing Tibet and the Tibetan people, including the Dalai Lama, for his entire life, and would probably disappear him good if he went back there. This all stems from an uprising back in 1959 when the Lama was forced into exile. In 1989 the Dalai Lama won the Nobel Peace Prize for his 40-year effort to bring peace between Tibet and China through non [url=https://www.newbalancesskor.com/]timber land men[/url] 3. Stephen ColbertFrank Micelotta-Getty Images Entertainment-Getty ImagesWho would dare compare Stephen Colbert to the likes of the Dalai Lama? This guy . Some may argue that any point I'm trying to make is wholly invalidated now, and to that I say you are close-minded and silly and have no idea how the world works. Take my hand and we will explore enlightenment together, you and I. To deny the influence and power of a man like Stephen Colbert in our world is to put your fingers in your ears and scream like one of those pop culture goats we keep seeing on YouTube. Television and film personalities are hugely influential in the world at large; one needs only see the stats on how many wingnuts stopped vaccinating their children as a result of Jenny McCarthy's brain farts to understand that. And we should be thankful that, amid the Shia LaBeoufs and Kanye Wests, we have a man like Stephen Colbert, who makes it his job on a daily basis to expose the utter stupidity of the world we live in through hilarious satire. Andreas Rentz-Getty Images Entertainment-Getty Images"Man, fuck me in my skuzzy ear. "Colbert has appeared more than once on TIME's list of most influential people in the world, and his show has even won a Peabody, among numerous other awards. Traditional news organizations like CNN and FOX have had to deal with the fact that more people under the age of 25 get their news from The Colbert Report and The Daily Show than the networks. Is Colbert's point to make you think "Oh God, I've been wrong all along, I must vote Independent?" No, not really. If you've ever argued politics or religion with anyone, you know you won't change anyone's mind, and Colbert isn't trying to change your mind either. But there's a vast difference between changing someone's mind and opening it, inspiring it. And if you watch him work, you'll be exposed to the insanities and hypocrisies of the world in which we live in ways no other news anchor would ever consider. Why is what Colbert does important? Because his influence is palpable. Colbert's super PAC to run for president of the United States of South Carolina raised over a million dollars, which he then donated to charity. What's more, he inspired students across the country to start their own super PACs. What the hell is a super PAC? It's a political action committee that can raise a buttload of cash without disclosing much info about who donated it and where it went -- these can be serious financial supports for a political candidate, and it's obvious to see how they could be corrupted. After Colbert introduced Super PAC Super Fun Kits, Politico reported that 2. 5 percent of registered super PACs had been started by the Colbert nation: real people wanting to effect real change, and a couple of goofy jokes. Andrew Burton-Getty Images News-Getty ImagesI couldn't find a good image for super PAC, so you get this. It's through satire and intellect that Colbert consistently exposes the American political system , demonstrating the farce and hypocrisy, using its own language against it and allowing us, as viewers, a glimpse behind the curtain, to see the Wizard as he conducts his business. It's very likely only through the belief that he's "just a comedian" that he's gotten as much out of his character as he has, as traditional media and politicians fail to see how profound his influence truly is, how inspiring and polarizing his words can be. [url=https://www.deansaundersmusic.com/]timber land men[/url]

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[url=https://www.greenhillthelodge.com]timberland winter boots for men[/url] [url=https://www.greenhillthelodge.com]timberland work boots on sale[/url] Don't be alarmed. The Daily Show also takes place in real life. [url=https://sandaliasmbt.canerarslanalp.com/]MBT Movimiento[/url] ts home with you, that is. Just ask Karl Lambert, the victim in a serious 2008 car accident on Interstate 95 that left his foot and part of his leg severed. Economou was one of the first responders on the scene and, after Lambert had been sent to the hospital, she found the remains of Lambert's foot in the wreckage. And she took it home with her. Vicheslav-iStock-Getty Images [url=https://www.detektorogljikovegamonoksida.net]nike air max 1 for sale[/url] [url=https://www.kittitascountychamber.net]Cheap MBT shoes[/url] And if you're lucky enough to have the resources of Scarlett Johansson, you might be able to do something about it. And this kind of experience isn't limited to carefree teenage girls who don't know any better: Chiarini was a 39-year-old college professor, and Jacobs has "Dr. " right there in her name -- not generally a title you see on dumb teenagers outside of the 1980s rap scene. Also remember that when they shared their pictures, "revenge porn" wasn't even a term yet. You can't take precautions against something you don't know exists, and they were no more prepared for the revenge porn experience than you are for the Great High-Fructose Corn Syrup Tsunami of 2016. [url=https://wholesalejordanshoes.canerarslanalp.com/]Air Jordan 13[/url] 6. The Joker's Mask in The Dark Knight Was Based on the Old Batman TV ShowWarner Bros. With The Dark Knight, Christopher Nolan wasted no time in establishing that his interpretation of the Joker would be like nothing we'd ever seen before. In just the first five minutes of the movie, Heath Ledger's character not only pulls off a daring daylight robbery of a mob bank, but simultaneously arranges the deaths of all of his accomplices, and he does it all while wearing a mask from Tim Burton's reimagining of Snow White. Warner Bros. This quickly let us know that the character was a scheming, machine-gun-toting mastermind, which completely set him apart from all the other Jokers that we knew, especially Cesar Romero in the silly '60s Batman TV show. That is, other than the fact that Ledger wore Romero-Joker's mask throughout the entire bank robbery. 20th Century Fox TelevisionAll evidence seems to point to the design of Ledger's clown mask being modeled directly on a scene from "The Joker Is Wild," an episode of the Batman TV series that also marked the first appearance of the Joker on the show. In the episode, Adam West's Batman tracks Romero's clown prince of crime to the Gotham opera company, where he's secretly performing an aria from Pagliacci, because back then that was as close as the Joker could get to being an actual killer clown . As you can see, the similarities between Romero's Pagliacci costume and Ledger's mask are undeniable. 20th Century Fox Television, Warner Bros. [url=https://cheapjordanfreeshipping.canerarslanalp.com/]Air Jordan 13[/url] 5. Jack Sparrow's Attire Points to the Character's Muslim InspirationWalt DisneyYou can fault the Pirates of the Caribbean movies for a lot of things, but to the franchise's credit, it always kept true to the Disneyland ride it was based on by having almost nothing to do with real pirates, with Captain Jack Sparrow as the prime example. Walt Disney [url=https://wholesalejordanshoes.canerarslanalp.com/]Jordan Shoes 3[/url] 7. St. Wenceslas Riding a Dead Horse -- Prague, Czech RepublicVia Expats. czCentral to the city of Prague is the mighty statue of St. Wenceslas, patron saint of the city and the "Good King Wenceslas" of that Christmas carol you sort of remember hearing once. Via Wikipedia [url=https://mbtzapatosbaratos.canerarslanalp.com/]MBT Zapatos[/url]

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<a href=https://www.dakotatrailwaysbuscompany.com>chanel bag sale</a> <a href=https://www.estheticschoolsva.com>Mbt Shoes Clearance</a> 6. Isaac Newton Getting His Freak On -- London, EnglandVia WikipediaWhat is this strange statue by the British Library in London? Is it supposed to be a robot? A particularly creepy marketing campaign for the newest Soul Calibur game?Ha, no! This is Isaac "Gravity " Newton, bending over a bench and wearing what appears to be steampunk-themed BDSM gear, because that's how he rolls, baby. The full name of this piece is "Newton, After William Blake. " As a poet and an artist, Blake hated all things science-y, and was fond of using uber-scientist Newton as the personification of his pet peeve. Yes, this huge, public statue depicts one of history's greatest scientists in a way the man who disliked science wanted us to see him. <a href=https://www.paperless-attorney.com>Cheap Nike Roshe</a> Although we have to admit, it'd be nice to appear deep in thought while scratching your ass. The trouble is, dinosaur books kept teaching the butt-brain hypothesis as a fact for so long that it became firmly lodged all the way up the public's imagination. The myth still pops up from time to time, too . . . like in Pacific Rim, where one scientist casually quips that the giant kaiju need two brains to walk around, "like a dinosaur. " Not that anyone holds up Pacific Rim as a pillar of scientific authority -- the movie gets a pass for being generally awesome and never giving the slightest shit about realism in the first place. But how about Discovery Channel specials? In the series Clash of the Dinosaurs, guest paleontologist Matt Wedel discussed the evidence against the two-brain hypothesis in a filmed interview, but since double-brained dinosaurs make for more fascinating TV, the editors deliberately chopped his words until he endorsed the idea. Only after he issued a bitter complaint did Discovery try to set his words straight . . . long after the myth was spread to thousands of viewers. What a bunch of butt-brains. <a href=https://www.newbalancesskor.com/>botas timberland niño</a> <a href=https://www.indianaproductionservice.it>Timberland Boots Outlet</a> You were like three Estrella Damms away from doing the same thing, you hypocrite. Basically, if you're still debating a moot point, then you're an idiot who hasn't been able to keep up with the conversation, or a real jerk who won't let something die. But it used to mean . . . Back when I was your age, a "moot point" was a hypothetical idea created specifically to be talked about, like a thought exercise <"Could Jesus microwave a burrito so hot he himself could not eat it" is probably the mootest point ever>. It was mainly used by law students who needed to practice bulletproof logical thinking, and it's why we call a practice court a "moot court" -- it "didn't matter" in the same way that lifting weights doesn't matter: You may not be solving any immediate problems, but you're building up the skills-strength to solve them later, by punching them with your brain! I think my metaphors are getting confused. Jupiterimages-BananaStock-Getty Images <a href=https://www.newbalancesskor.com/>Botas Timberland 10061</a> Comedy!If you laughed at that, you're the answer to every "Who is buying this shit?" question ever. Money is great, but when you're trying to build a career in comedy, letting someone put jokes like those in your mouth can destroy your momentum pretty quickly. So, Brian Dunkleman had to decide whether the money he stood to make from sticking around was worth doing work he hated under terrible conditions. He decided it wasn't. What came from that decision speaks directly to the point I wanted to make when I decided to write about the show in the first place. American Idol is regularly dismissed as a cheap and easy way for someone to "win" a career in music. Is it, though? For one thing, you don't win a career; you win the opportunity to release one album. Music history is littered with countless acts who had one shot to release an album and made nothing else of it, and the majority of them didn't have the stigma of being a "contest winner" who hasn't paid enough dues to be earning a living playing music. Carrying that burden just makes your chances of succeeding all the more slim. For every Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood who managed to actually develop a successful music career, there are twice as many Taylor Hickses and David Cooks we'll most likely never hear from again. Frazer Harrison-Getty Images Entertainment-Getty Images <a href=https://www.deansaundersmusic.com/>zapatos timberland</a> la Abdul; he was just the co-host for a season. Nevertheless, that brief stint on the show has somehow landed him in the same category as the Bucky Covingtons of the world in the eyes of a lot of people, even though he was quite possibly the first person to publicly call bullshit on what the show was about. So, that's the story of how this column came to be about public figures who tried to do the right thing and got burned for it. Now let's talk baseball. <a href=https://www.foodandsolutions.it>Moncler Soldes</a> <a href=https://www.estheticschoolsva.com>Cheap Mbt Shoes Outlet UK</a>

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